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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bios Password

The purpose of this blog is to help users find their passwords. As most of you know having a bios password is kind of a hassle, usually if you change out a harddrive, set a bios password and forget it, or even purchase a laptop online with a bios password on it. If you are in need of a bios password there is no need to go out and pay ridiculous amounts of money to get this password back. That said this blog serves purpose for this reason.
1. Firstly you are using this password for the correct reasons listed above. In ethical terms this blog is not for people who steal laptops and need passwords. It is to be used for reasons stated above.
2. I will need information in order to get the password back, such as model number, the code your laptop gives you, and an if you care to send me an email my email is
3. Every tool i am using to get the bios passwords is because of dogber1 and props to him.
4. In order to receive my help I ask that you donate to my paypal for my time and effort in getting you the password and also for saving you the time, effort, and hassle of doing it yourself.
Okay Now for the Instructions:
For Dells:
1. You will see a white and grey screen as shown in the video.
2. When you see the white and grey screen enter the number after the # sign should look like #xxxxxxx-xxxx
3. Post a comment with your code(#xxxxxxx-xxxx the number above), your model of your computer or laptop, and your email. (Example code #GDH1235-2A7B)
If you have a hdd password
1. The number should be longer than the code but should still look the same #xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx
2. Post this number instead of the one above.
For Hps:
1. Be sure to post the model number that helps identify which bios you have. Some have different bios but generally are all the same.
2. It will say Enter Password. You will be entering the wrong password 3 times.
For Instance(Example which you can use):
Enter Password: iforget
Enter Password: iforget
Enter Password: iforget
Now after the third time it should say:
System Disabled [xxxxx] or it could be longer System Disabled [xxxxxxxxx]
3. Just make sure you type the system disabled code in the comment and the model number.
For Acers and Other Computers that follow the hp method:
1. If your password looks like the hp example above its pretty common for them to have a pheonix bios which you could use the same hp method as listed above to get an acer password.
2. If you get the system disabled then i may be able to generate the password.
3. Just post your exact model of any other computer thats listed above, and general rule of thumb is to enter three incorrect passwords. And post the code that it shows even if it says system halted error or something a code is key to finding the backdoor bios password.
Hp business models: 
1. The bios in these are different and easy just shoot me an email and i can instruct you on how to remove the password with ease.
Any other computers that don't follow this hp password method:
1. If there is no code associate after entering the incorrect bios password there is a possibility that this will be tougher and i'm not exactly sure if i could generate a password for you.
2. You can however do the old school Cmos battery removal and in some instances there is also another battery under the hard drive called the Rpc battery that also may need removal.
3. I can try and help you out with these but every computer is each to its own and it require you do the battery removals yourself. Therefore its not something i can do with the software i use.

With this said I think you could find a viable solution to get your password removed and i hope this blog helps you get the password that you need for your laptop or at least clear the password off your laptop.
You can donate through paypal through this button below(Donation Information on the right):

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